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California commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in California

We understand that owning a business can be a source of joy or anxiety on any given day. Selecting the appropriate commercial insurance products brings the peace of mind that business owners need to innovate, expand, and stay competitive in the marketplace. At Commercial One Insurance Services Inc in Burlingame, CA, we provide all types of insurance products to California businesses. In addition to California, we generate policies in Nevada, Georgia and Virginia. Our offerings fall under the broad categories of property and casualty commercial lines insurance.

Protecting Your Business Assets

While California is blessed with temperate weather and some of the most beautiful natural resources in the country, our state is also prone to phenomena such as earthquakes and wildfires. These disasters can wipe out a company's equipment, machinery, and supplies without a lot of warning. Our business property insurance can help to restore the losses that a company can incur when its assets are destroyed by natural disasters. We also cover the restoration of commercial property items that have been stolen or damaged by specific types of accidents.

Shielding Your Finances With Casualty Insurance

Our casualty insurance covers liability that a company may incur for bodily injuries and property damage of a third party. Common types of casualty insurance that we recommend to our clients are commercial automobile, worker' compensation, and general liability. Construction trade businesses and retailers should consider our commercial umbrella policies for higher levels of coverage. The state of California doesn't require businesses to have this type of insurance, but the courts consistently award large sums for third-party, commercial casualty claims.

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At Commercial One Insurance Services Inc of Burlingame, CA, our licensed agents specialize in assessing risks that are associated with specific business types and proposing commercial insurance products that fit clients' unique business models. These safeguards against loss of life, property, and productivity for commercial ventures offer entrepreneurs and corporate leaders an added sense of freedom. What you do with that added level of freedom is really up to you. Call us today to discuss your options.


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