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California Warehouse & Logistics Insurance coverage

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Warehouse & Logistics Insurance in California

Reputable California businesses in the warehousing, cargo, and logistics industry require a proper insurance policy that provides adequate risk management and covers a variety of potential liabilities including safety programs, employment practices liability, bonding surety, and workers' compensation. For a discussion of how these and other topics could affect your warehouse and logistics insurance policy in Burlingame, CA, call or visit Commercial One Insurance Services Inc to talk with a helpful representative.

What is Warehouse and Logistics Insurance?

Warehouse legal liability insurance covers warehouse storage operations. It protects your business as a bailee, which refers to a company that's entrusted with the property of another party, against damage of property, direct physical loss, or damage that occurs during packaging, cross-docking, storage, labeling, or any other service provided by the bailee.

Logistics insurance provides business insurance coverage for logistics providers. A logistics provider is a business that offers management over the flow of materials and goods between points of origin to end-use destination. Often, the logistics provider handles packaging, warehousing, inventory, shipping, and security functions for shipping.

Because these two coverage types are highly correlated, many California companies simply order a warehouse and logistics insurance policy.

Warehouse and Logistics Insurance Provides Third-Party Coverage

Your warehouse and logistics policy pays a customer if a warehouse operator is negligent in caring for customers' goods, however, your company is still responsible for other types of losses, such as a windstorm or fire damage. For protection against these types of losses, you'll need a different type of coverage.

For a better example of what your warehouse insurance policy covers, here are two examples of situations where your policy would pay a customer for loss or damage to goods:

  • An employee damages a product during the packaging stage.
  • A forklift driver drops a crate of products, ruining the contents inside.

If you have any questions about how this coverage could benefit your business, call or visit Commercial One Insurance Services Inc, which serves the Burlingame, CA area. We also offer this coverage to those in Virginia, Nevada, and Georgia.


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