Top Three Home Invasion Risks

Protecting your home is probably one of your top priorities. It is essential that you understand what risks there are to your home to adequately protect it, though. Commercial One Insurance Service, serving Burlingame, CA, and the surrounding areas, can help you decrease home invasion risks. Keep reading to learn more about the top three home invasion risks you should be aware of. 

Faulty Locks 

The locks on your doors are your first line of defense against home invasion. If these locks are faulty in some way, though, you increase your risk of a home invasion. You will probably notice a faulty lock pretty quickly because you are locking and unlocking the doors so often. However, the important thing is that you address the faulty lock quickly. It would be best if you did not let one day pass with a faulty lock on any door. 

If there are doors in your home that are not used very often, then you should regularly check the locks on those doors to ensure they are working properly. 

Faulty or Unlocked Windows

Another home invasion risk is faulty or unlocked windows. A faulty window would be any window that does not shut and lock properly and securely. This is more common than you might think. You should check your windows periodically to ensure they are closing and locking properly. If you discover a faulty window, waste no time having this repaired. 

Another home invasion risk is windows that work perfectly well but are left unlocked. This very risky practice can increase your chance of a home invasion. 

Hiding Keys 

Although you may think this is a perfectly acceptable practice because many people do it, you should be aware that hiding keys on your property does increase the chance of home invasion. A safer option is to have keys made for anyone you wish to grant access. 

If you want to learn about home insurance, please get in touch with us at Commercial One Insurance Service, serving Burlingame, CA, and the surrounding areas. 

Car Safety Tips for Driving at Night

At Commercial One Insurance Service, an auto insurance provider, we are committed to helping drivers in the greater Burlingame, CA area stay safe on the roadways. This is why we provide tips to help you stay safe. Here are a few car safety tips for driving at night. 

Ensure Your Headlights Function and Illuminate The Road In Front Of You

It is crucial to test out your headlights at least once a month. Not only should your headlights illuminate, but they should be bright enough so that you can see the roadway ahead of you. If your lights are out or too dim to illuminate the path before you, they should be replaced. 

Drive a Bit Slower on Darker Roads

One of the biggest misconceptions about a posted speed limit is that it is the speed you must drive. That is only a recommendation when conditions are good. When it is darker, and you are unfamiliar with the road, do not be afraid to go a bit slower to stay safe. 

Avoid Looking Directly At Other Driver’s Headlights

This may sound like common sense, but unfortunately, many people look directly into other drivers’ headlights while driving. This can temporarily blind you or have you seeing stars. Avoid doing this, and instead, look down at the road as other cars pass you on the opposite side of the road. 

Pull Over and Rest If You Feel Tired

Lastly, always pull over and rest if you feel tired or start to doze off. Falling asleep at the wheel is a leading reason for car accidents. 

Tips can help you avoid an accident, but they cannot prevent all accidents. This is why it is so important to have great auto insurance that fully covers you. If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy in the greater Burlingame, CA area, contact us at Commercial One Insurance Service to get the help you deserve. 

Why should you get warehouse and logistics insurance in California?

The warehouse and logistics industry is an essential part of our overall economy. This is responsible for taking consumer products and helping to ensure they are stored and shipped to locations nationwide. In the Burlingame, CA area, this continues to be an essential industry that offers many opportunities. If you are going to own a business in this field, you need to have a warehouse and logistics insurance plan for various reasons. 

Liability Coverage

Those in the warehouse and logistics industry will take on many forms of liability risk daily. If an accident occurs in the warehouse while a truck you own is on the road, or there is an issue with your delivering products, you could be held liable. When adequately covered, you will get the support you need to protect against these claims.

Support for Property Damage

It is also helpful to get a warehouse and logistics insurance plan to get support for property damage. If you have assets you have acquired to help run your warehouse and logistics business, it will be vital to remain in good condition. When you get a warehouse and logistics plan, it will offer the support you need to protect your assets and financial stability. 

In the Burlingame, CA area, all companies in this industry need to have a warehouse and logistics plan. If you are looking for coverage, you can find the number of options and decisions confusing. Fortunately, you can call our Commercial One Insurance Service team to simplify this process. Our professionals can answer questions and give you the support you need to get into your next policy. 

Protect Your Livelihood with Commercial Insurance

Are you a business owner in the Burlingame, CA area? If so, ensure your business is protected with commercial insurance provided by Commercial One Insurance Service.

A business needs insurance because it helps cover the expenses associated with liability claims and property damage. Without this coverage, the business owner may need to pay out-of-pocket for expensive damages and legal claims against their business. Depending on the situation, it could be financially disastrous for a business owner.

A small business needs a BOP or business owner’s policy. This insurance combines business liability, business property, and business income in one policy. Commercial property insurance or business property insurance helps protect the physical location of the business and all assets.

General liability insurance is sometimes called commercial liability insurance and will cover the costs of liability claims against your company. If a customer or client were to fall and sustain an injury, he could bring a lawsuit against your company. Business liability insurance will help cover the expenses of that claim.

Business income insurance helps to replace lost income when your company cannot operate because of a covered loss. This will ensure that you can keep paying your employees and your bills and stay afloat during the temporary shutdown of your business. If a fire were to damage your building and it is closed during repairs, this coverage would help replace the lost income.

Workers’ compensation insurance offers financial support to workers who cannot work due to a job-related illness or injury. For example, if an employee injures their back by lifting a heavy piece of equipment, this coverage will help cover their medical costs.

Commercial One Insurance Service can provide you with a no-obligation quote for this coverage or answer any questions you may have. Contact our office today.

Making your home safe inside and out

Many count on Commercial One Insurance Service to provide home insurance to make them feel safe, but there is more to having a safe home than a good home insurance policy. Home safety should be a priority for homeowners in Burlingame, CA.

Install a home security system

You have never had more options for home security. From DIY weekend projects to professionally installed systems, you can find a system that fits your needs and your wallet. Whether you have your home monitored or do the monitoring with your smartphone, it all helps make your home safe. 

Light the exterior of your home

Having motion detector lights on a home’s exterior can be very discouraging to potential intruders. Don’t forget the back and sides of your home as well. Light is your friend when the sun goes down. 

Use door and window locks

It doesn’t help to have locks on your doors and windows if you are not using them. Don’t forget your garage and your sliders. All of them should be adequately locked whether you are home or not. 

Use non-slip mats in tubs and showers.

Making your shower or tub a safe place can help reduce falls. Nonslip mats or sticks can help lower the potential danger. 

Remove clutter

Clutter in hallways and on stairs is a recipe for disaster. Especially at night, when you can’t see where you are going, the danger of a fall is very real. The very young and the very old are the most likely to receive serious injuries. 

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Why you should get your car regular check ups

It’s no secret that regular car maintenance is vital for the health of your vehicle. But many people don’t realize that failing to get your car serviced regularly can actually end up costing you more money in the long run. In this post, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to get your car regular checkups, and we’ll also provide some tips on making the process as easy as possible. 

First, it’s essential to understand that car maintenance involves much more than just changing the oil or replacing your windshield wipers. A complete checkup by a qualified mechanic will involve inspecting every part of your car – from the engine and transmission to the tires and brakes. And this is crucial, as failing to address any potential problems with these parts can lead to more significant issues down the road, which are sure to be far more costly.

Of course, scheduling a car checkup is easier than you might think. Many mechanics offer convenient appointment times and will work with your schedule to ensure that you can get in for an inspection when it’s most convenient for you. So whether you need to bring your car in during a lunch break or after work, you should be able to find a mechanic who can accommodate your needs.

The bottom line is that regular checkups are essential to keep your car running smoothly. So don’t skip that needed routine maintenance! Bring your car in for checkups regularly. And, if you have any questions about your insurance, give us a Commercial One Insurance Service a call today. We proudly serve the Burlingame, CA area.

What Does Warehouse and Logistics Insurance Cover?

Warehouse and logistic insurance go by many different names. Those names include warehouse legal liability insurance, warehouse workers’ legal liability, or warehouse operators’ legal liability insurance. If you own a warehouse or logistics company, this is a type of insurance product that you should consider purchasing. Unfortunately, the staff at Commercial One Insurance Service, serving the greater Burlingame, CA area, have seen that many warehouse owners do not know this product exists. Read on to learn more about what warehouse and logistics insurance covers and why it may benefit your business. 

What Does Warehouse and Logistic Insurance Cover?

Warehouse and logistics insurance is designed to cover four different things. This includes people, equipment, buildings, and goods. This means that this type of insurance helps to protect your workers who may become injured, helps to cover the equipment in your building, including forklifts, helps to cover the building itself, and helps to protect the goods that are stored in the building, including goods that you manufacture or goods that you are preparing to ship out. 

What Are the Benefits of Warehouse and Logistic Insurance? 

If you own a warehouse and logistic service, you have a lot of money tied up in your building, equipment, employees, and the goods you produce or ship. Events such as fire, theft, or flooding can damage your building and the items stored in your building. Warehouse and logistic insurance are designed to protect your business from catastrophic events. 

If you are looking for warehouse and logistic insurance in the greater Burlingame, CA area, Commercial One Insurance Service would love the opportunity to help you. Call or email us today to discuss your business and what insurance products we have that can benefit you. 

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

When you have a business, you might be wondering if you need to have insurance. You may not want to spend any extra money, but it is essential to consider getting insurance. 

Why do you need it? What does your insurance cover when it comes to your business? 

Most businesses start with a business owner’s policy, also known as a BOP. This includes your business property, liability, and business income coverage. 

  • The business property will cover your building, as well as the property that you have inside. This includes the office furniture and supplies you need to run your business. It will also protect your inventory. 
  • Liability insurance covers many different things. It will protect you if someone falls in your place of business. It can also protect you if you get sued due to your work. If a client claims you made a mistake that hurt their business, you could be looking at a lawsuit. 
  • Business income insurance helps you if you lose income. If you need to close your business for certain reasons, like property damage, it will help you pay for your expenses during this time. 

Most business owners start with a BOP, which protects their property, income, and business if they get sued. That is often enough, though you may need extra insurance if your business gets hacked. You may also need commercial automobile insurance if you have drivers on the road! 

Talk to a professional today if you want to ensure your business is fully protected. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Commercial One Insurance Service in Burlingame, CA.  

Tips for Choosing California Homeowners Insurance

You wouldn’t choose any old home, so why would you choose any old homeowner’s insurance policy? While knowing you need insurance for your home is easy, selecting the right policy can take significant effort. Home insurance policies can vary in total coverage, payouts, policies on pools and visitors, and even have requirements based on your specific home loan. 

Commercial One Insurance Service, serving Burlingame, CA, can guide you with top tips for choosing California home insurance.

California Home Insurance Tips

  1. Understand the Policy Coverage you Need. Explore the amount of liability and property coverage you need to make you whole again in the case of an accident or injury. Learn more about types of policy coverage today before you buy.
  2. Talk to your Experts. Talk to both your realtor and your lender for recommendations. As providers who already know your unique needs, your lender and realtor can steer you in the right direction and help ensure your policy fits your purchase.
  3. Get Native Language Support. Don’t search for support you won’t fully understand. Search California’s database for realtors who provide additional language assistance. 
  4. Get a Second Opinion. It never hurts to get a second opinion on policy rates and coverage. Check with an additional provider before you decide. If you think you have been denied coverage in error, submit a complaint to the California Department of Insurance.
  5. Understand the California FAIR plan as a last resort. The FAIR plan is a California safety net to provide fire insurance to high-risk properties that otherwise may not qualify for traditional homeowners policies. 

Commercial One Insurance Service serving Burlingame, CA is ready to meet your homeowner’s insurance needs. Contact us online today.

Auto Insurance: What You Need To Know

Auto insurance is something that every driver needs. But not everyone knows exactly what it’s or how it works. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of auto insurance and answer some of the most common questions about it. So, whether you are a new driver just starting or looking to save money on your current policy, read on for everything you need to know about auto insurance!

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company such as Commercial One Insurance Service in Burlingame CA. You agree to pay the premium, and the insurer agrees to pay for your losses as specified in the policy. The coverage can include damage to your car, medical expenses, legal fees, and more.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

If you have an accident or your car is damaged in some other way, you will file a claim with your insurance company. If your policy covers the damages, the insurer will pay for them.

What Types of Coverage are There?

There are many different types of coverage available, and the type you need will depend on your situation. Some of the most common types of coverage include:

  • Liability coverage, which pays for damages if you are at fault in an accident
  • Collision coverage, which pays for damage to your car if you are in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage, which pays for damage to your car from events other than accidents, such as theft or weather damage
  • Medical payments coverage, which pays for your medical expenses if you are in an accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for damages if you are in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover the damages.


Auto insurance is an essential part of owning a car. By understanding auto insurance basics, you can ensure you have the coverage you need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Contact your insurer if you have any questions about your policy or coverage. Commercial One Insurance Service in Burlingame, CA can help if you’re looking for a new auto insurance policy. Contact us today for a free quote.