What’s the Difference Between Car and Motorcycle Insurance?

Car insurance and motorcycle insurance serve the same purpose: protecting the Burlingame, CA owner should they be involved in an accident or theft. However, there are some significant differences between the two types of coverages. Knowing the differences can help in ensuring there is enough coverage based on the type of vehicle. 

Check out the main differences between car and motorcycle insurance, then call us at Commercial One Insurance Service for any questions about these types of policies. 

Coverage Cost

Motorcycle insurance coverage costs significantly more than general auto insurance. Motorcycle insurance costs more because the likelihood of an accident and injuries is five to nine times greater with a motorcycle.

Passenger Coverage

A general auto insurance policy automatically covers passengers in a car. However, since motorcycles are designed only to carry one passenger, motorcyclists must purchase a second policy to protect passengers. It may also be necessary to buy separate medical coverage for injuries associated with a motorcycle accident, regardless of who is at fault. 

Amount of Use

There Is a more significant risk associated with an auto insurance policy based on the amount the vehicle is used. Cars are generally used all year long, while motorcycles are usually only used during the spring, summer, and fall. Therefore, driving less may allow motorcyclists to purchase a less expensive plan if their riding habits are only seasonal. 

No-Fault Insurance

General auto insurance policies cover damage to the vehicle, as well as any injuries resulting from an accident (regardless of fault.) However, motorcyclists are exempt from the no-fault insurance policy, which means their insurance coverage does not include personal injury for the driver or passenger. 

Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle in Burlingame, CA, there is an insurance policy available to help ensure you are fully protected. Call our Commercial One Insurance Service agents for information about our insurance policies for both cars and motorcycles.