Liability Protection for Your Dining Establishment

Property damage, physical injuries, and illnesses are just a few of the issues that a restaurant owner may face. Learn how liability insurance could potentially protect your dining establishment.


  • Fires
  • Break-ins
  • Food/alcohol poisoning
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Personal property damage

Legal Matters

The list above highlights some incidents that you could potentially encounter as a restaurant owner. Without adequate liability protection, you could be held responsible for all the costs associated with defending yourself in a court of law. 

Initial Assessment

Perform an initial assessment of your restaurant to identify risks. During the evaluation, create a list of any dangers that are uncovered. For instance, if some of your equipment is damaged, prepare a record of these details.

The initial assessment will help you formulate a safety plan to minimize the risk of an accident occurring at your business.


Prepare a security plan. Although you may have already decided to purchase more liability protection, you should take measures to keep your employees and patrons safe.

Installing new fire alarms or having appliances professionally inspected and repaired could mitigate risks. Properly training your staff members to prepare and serve food can also benefit you.

Insurance Coverage

Decide how much liability protection you need. The size of your dining establishment, the number of items on your menu, and the exact services you offer will help you pinpoint the type of protection needed.

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