The different types of auto insurance coverage

Auto insurance policies typically include several types of coverage. The actual coverage you need can depend on a range of factors, including whether you’re still making payments on your car, the car’s value, and potential threats such as weather or crime rates. Commercial One Insurance Service offers policies covering all these areas for our clients in Burlingame, CA. Let’s delve into each type of coverage.

Liability Coverage

This basic auto insurance type is mandatory for all drivers in Burlingame, CA. The main reason for this requirement is to ensure that drivers are financially responsible for any damage they cause during an accident, which liability coverage addresses. Policies in California generally offer coverage up to several thousand dollars for property damage and injuries.

Collision Coverage from Commercial One Insurance Service

If you want to cover the costs of damage to your own vehicle, you will need collision coverage. Remember: your liability coverage is designed to cover damage you cause to other drivers and property, not your own vehicle. Collision coverage protects your investment in your car.

Comprehensive Coverage

Other than accidents, motor vehicles can experience losses and damage from theft, vandalism, severe weather, and other unexpected events. If you are concerned about all potential sources of damage, you might want to consider comprehensive coverage.

Exploring Auto Insurance Options with Commercial One Insurance Service

At Commercial One Insurance Service, we are ready to provide these three types of auto insurance coverage. Contact us to set up an auto insurance policy or inquire about how our auto insurance services can help you.