Commercial insurance FAQs

Being a business owner comes with many risks. Not every business has the same risks, but generally speaking, there are some that are pretty universal. Having an independent agent who understands the particular risks that are unique to your business is important when it comes to customizing your commercial insurance policy. In Burlingame, CA, Commercial One Insurance Service has a team of experts who will work with you to make sure that as many of your risks are mitigated as possible. 

Does commercial insurance cover flooding?

If a pipe breaks and floods your business, this is covered. If the river rises, heavy rain floods storm drains, or any other type of surface water, no, it is not covered. You can, however, purchase a separate commercial flood insurance policy to protect your business. 

Will commercial insurance protect me if I get sued?

If you have commercial liability insurance, it will. Liability protection pays for a judgment against you up to the limit of your policy. It will also help with legal expenses you may incur as part of the suit. 

Why do I need commercial property insurance if I don’t own the building my business is in?

Property insurance covers a lot more than just the building. It will help repair or replace machinery you use in your business, office equipment, raw materials, and inventory. It is valuable coverage for renters as well as building owners. You can’t do business without the things you need to produce your products. 

Does business interruption cover all interruptions?

Like every other type of insurance, business interruption insurance has exclusions. Before deciding to add this insurance to your policy, read the exclusions and the coverage to make sure it fits with your particular business risks. 

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