How Does California Commercial Insurance Protect Small Businesses?

Because small businesses operate on a tight budget, it’s easy for them to forgo commercial insurance options not required by the law. Regrettably, trying to make a saving by shelving insurance could cost your business much more than the premiums would. If you are a business owner in Burlingame, CA, or any other part of America, listen carefully as Commercial One Insurance Service shares insights on how commercial insurance protects your business. 

Protects your employees

Although most businesses advocate for a safe working environment, work-related injuries can’t be prevented 100 percent. Given this reality, you need to purchase workers’ comp insurance to protect your most prized asset — your employees. This insurance coverage pays for employees’ medical costs, including ongoing physiotherapies for illnesses and injuries sustained in the workplace. Additionally, this coverage covers partial loss of income and final expenses for your employees. 

Protects your assets

Commercial property insurance protects your building and other assets like inventories, furniture, and electronics from damage or loss. While this insurance is popular with brick and mortar businesses, online businesses still need this coverage as they have physical assets that need protection from perils like fire, theft, and so forth. While commercial insurance doesn’t prevent damage or loss from occurring, it ensures that you don’t start from scratch when disaster strikes. 

Covers you against liabilities

Commercial insurance protects your business against claims arising from bodily injury, advertising injury, and property damage. Besides, general liability insurance covers potential lawsuits facing your business. 

Ultimately, commercial insurance saves your business from financial losses that could arise from liability claims, damaged assets, injured employees, and loss of income due to business disruptions. Instead of rolling the dice and hope nothing will happen to your business, it’s wise to be sure with commercial insurance. 

Buy commercial insurance today

Whether your business is big or small, you need commercial insurance to thrive in the uncertain business environment. If you are searching for business insurance in Burlingame, CA, please contact Commercial One Insurance Service for a competitive quote.