What is included with warehouse & logistics insurance?

The warehouse & logistics industry is an important one as it is responsible for ensuring that the products people need and rely on are accessible in all parts of the country. Due to the demand for this industry, there are many opportunities to be successful if you operate in the Burlingame, CA area. If you are going to own a warehouse & logistics business in this area, you need to get proper insurance. A warehouse & logistics insurance plan includes several forms of coverage. 

Property Damage Protection

If you are in the warehouse & logistics industry, you are going to own or lease some major assets and equipment that are needed to operate efficiently. Losing these assets to damage or theft can be a major setback. If you have the right insurance, you will have coverage that can help you replace these assets and ensure your business stays on track.

Liability Support

You should also consider getting a warehouse & logistics plan for liability protection. Those that are in this industry will take on liability risk in a variety of ways. This can include being liable for accidents that occur due to negligence or even lost or damaged cargo liability. If you invest in a full warehouse & logistics insurance plan, you will have the coverage needed to offset this concern. 

A warehouse & logistics insurance plan is needed for businesses in the industry. If you operate in this field and are in the Burlingame, CA area, you should speak with Commercial One Insurance Service to discuss your needs. There are a lot of choices to be made when looking for this coverage and Commercial One Insurance Service can help you assess your needs. This guidance can help ensure you pick an ideal plan for your situation.