3 Ways to Protect Your Car From Vandals

No matter what type of car you drive, it is a valuable asset you need to take care of. The agents of Commercial One Insurance Service offer valuable advice to their clients who live in the Burlingame, CA area.

Park in a Well Lit Area or Where Security Cameras Are Present

Parking in a well-lit area means fewer shadows for a vandal to hide in. The brighter and more visible the area, the less risk you will have of being victimized. It also helps to keep you safer as well. Put a security light next to your driveway. It will keep the area well lit on nights you park outside.

Always Set Your Car Alarm

If your car has a built-in alarm system, always make sure to lock your doors and set the alarm before walking away. If you see someone trying to break into your vehicle, hit the panic button. That is why it’s there.

Use Valet Parking If It Is Offered

If you are attending a large event in an area you are unfamiliar with, use the valet parking. Your car will be parked in a secure area and under video surveillance. Spending a few extra dollars is well worth the peace of mind you will get knowing your car is safely parked in the garage.

The agents of Commercial One Insurance Service provide their clients with useful tips to keep their vehicles safe whether they are at home or away. Contact an agent to check on your current policy or see about purchasing a new one. Visit our office in Burlingame, CA or make the call. You will get the info you need and the peace of mind you deserve.