4 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims in California State

The roadways that crisscross the Burlingame, CA area are some of the safest in the country. However, even these well-constructed throughways see their fair share of accidents regularly. Commercial One Insurance Service wants all of their California neighbors to be ready for whatever the road sends their way. To help you be prepared, here are some of the most common reasons for auto insurance claims in the state of California.

  • Rear-end collision – Whether a distracted driver doesn’t give themselves enough time to stop or a malfunctioning brake line prevents drivers from reacting appropriately, rear-end collisions top the list of most frequent auto insurance claims. In a moving collision, severe physical damage to drivers, passengers, and vehicles are common.
  • Chipped and cracked windshields – The big trucks that share California highways often fail to secure large loads of rocks and other building materials. At high speeds, small bits of rock become projectiles that crack or chip the windshields of passenger vehicles. Larger items can cause more significant damage and may present a risk to those in the smaller vehicle.
  • Damages to a parked vehicle – Vandalism is still an unnecessarily common occurrence in the Burlingame, CA area. Bored teens, criminals looking for a quick payday, and careless drivers can leave dents, marks, and other damages that require help from your insurance provider. If your vehicle is hit while it’s parked, the damage should be covered by the collision portion of your auto insurance.
  • Theft – Thieves aren’t just out for your vehicle. Some of them want the contents inside. While the damage sustained from a vehicular break-in is covered under the vandalism portion, the replacement costs of your missing items, including the vehicle themselves, are often included in your overall coverage.

These problems don’t have to scare you away from enjoying the roadways. Talk to the agents at Commercial One Insurance Service to find ways to reduce your likelihood of falling victim to these common problems.