Let Warehouse and Logistic Insurance Protect Your Reputation with Clients Today

If you have a business in the warehouse industry, maintaining a quality reputation among clients is essential. Entrusting products with your warehouse is only part of your reputation. While accidents can happen in any department, an insurance policy for warehouse and logistics allows protection for the products stored within your facility. Your reputation is also built around how you handle accidents in which your company is liable. Commercial One Insurance Service specializes in such policies for business in and around the Burlingame, CA area and community. 

Damages During Packaging

One of the major areas prone to accidents in a warehouse is the packaging department. Sometimes products being housed for clients in your warehouse may be accidentally damaged by employees within your employment. When packaging a product, employees can potentially damage items accidentally. If so, the Warehouse and Logistic Insurance policy will cover the products damaged during the accident, and allow you to replenish products for your client successfully. 

Damages During Storage

Sometimes the employees are not responsible for damages, but the warehouse equipment is at fault. Faulty forklifts can accidentally damage products. Also, forklift drivers can potentially mishandle the forklift and drop products, ultimately damaging them. From forklift malfunctions to employee fails, liability for these damages are your responsibility as the company. Again, accidents can happen in these situations, but this policy will cover any damages and allow products to be replaced, protecting your liability and your reputation as a company to correct any damages suffered from your clients. 

Choose the Responsible Coverage Plan Today

No company wants to experience mistakes and accidents, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Your company’s reputation is developed based on your services provided as well as your responsibility. Protect your reputation today with a Warehouse and Logistic coverage policy from Commercial One Insurance Service proudly serving the Burlingame, CA area.