Three auto insurance discounts you should take advantage of

At Commercial One Insurance Service, we’re here to help our clients in Burlingame, CA meet their insurance needs. Many motorists can take advantage of specific discounts on auto insurance to bring down their premiums.

The following are three auto insurance discounts that you might want to take advantage of. 

Defensive driving class discount 

  • You can reduce your auto insurance premiums by taking certain classes. In particular, you can take a defensive driving class through your state’s DMV or another organization.
  • Your insurance provider will then give you a discount because you will be able to drive more safely and learn to avoid situations where accidents become more likely. 
  • Not only can a defensive driving course lower your insurance premiums, but it can also boost your confidence and comfort out on the roads. 

Discount for the installation of anti-theft devices

If you invest in having certain anti-theft devices installed on your vehicle, you could qualify for specific discounts through your insurance company. This type of discount is possible if you have comprehensive insurance coverage that covers you for theft as well as collision damage. 

Some of the anti-theft devices that you can consider installing include passive disabling systems or hood-locks. 

Paperless billing discount

Many insurance companies prefer if you view your billing statement online rather than having a paper copy sent to you. This results in less effort and expense for your insurance provider. 

For this reason, a lot of auto insurance providers will offer you a discount if you agree to paperless billing. This saves you money and is better for the environment!

If you want to learn more about your auto insurance options in Burlingame, CA, let us know. We’re here to answer all your questions on the auto insurance policies we offer at Commercial One Insurance Service