Do You Need Full Coverage Insurance if You Have a Finaced Vehicle?

If you own a vehicle, you must have a certain level of coverage in each state. However, there are different coverages available to owners. If you lease or finance your car or truck, you’ll need full-coverage insurance to obtain and keep your financing. Anyone living in or around the Burlingame, CA, area can count on Commercial One Insurance Service to provide the needed options. 

Insurance For Financed Vehicles

When you finance your vehicle, the financing company requires you to submit proof of your insurance. They will also need your insurance provider to report your status to them. If you want to find out what coverages are mandatory or available. Consult your financial provider and a knowledgeable insurance agent for the proper coverage. You’ll also get information and recommendations for the appropriate level of protection you need based on your vehicle type and your details. 

You can rely on our insurance expert team to provide the details and support you need to secure and maintain the right policy. At the same time, you meet your financier’s obligations for coverage. We can assess your current and future needs. We can help you submit your documentation to acquire your policy and help you with any changes during the policy’s life. 

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