Home Improvements and Your Insurance Policy

Did you know that completing home improvements could affect the amount of insurance coverage you need? Use the steps below to guarantee your residence is equipped with the necessary protection.

Project Overview

First, outline the type of project that you plan on completing. Your outline should include the materials and labor that are needed to complete the upgrade.

Outlining the project will allow you to pinpoint the investment you will be making. If the project is going to be extensive, you will definitely benefit from ensuring the materials used to complete the upgrade.

The additional protection will protect against theft, vandalism, and acts of nature. If you seek liability protection, the additional coverage will provide protection if anyone is injured within your residence.

Risk Level

Examine the risk associated with completing each home improvement project. If you are going to add a walkway or a retaining wall, for instance, determine the likelihood of the addition becoming damaged or causing an injury.

Your risk level should be taken into account when modifying your existing home insurance policy.

Environmental Concerns

Focus on any environmental concerns that could lead to needing to file an insurance claim. If a home improvement is prone to moisture, heat, or precipitation, seeking insurance coverage for the materials used to complete the upgrade is a good idea.

The protection you acquire can be used to repair or replace any materials that are accidentally damaged or destroyed in the future.

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