Three Ways to Prolong Your Wood Deck

Many homeowners in the Burlingame, CA area who have a home insurance policy with Commercial One Insurance Service own wood decks on their properties. These are meant to last for years and should be maintained so that you do not have to replace them regularly or be found liable in court for damages. 

Add Waterproof Sealant

At least once a year, it is an excellent practice to add water sealant to your wood deck. This keeps the water from rain and snow from causing long-term damage to the wood railing and deck floor. It would be best if you did it about the same time every year so that it retains it and you do not have a time gap. 

Replace Rotten Wood

Over time, some pieces of the deck will rot and break. Make sure that you replace these pieces right away. When you replace them, you need to use treated wood for your deck to last longer and stand up to the elements. This also keeps the wood surrounding these areas from getting worse. You could attract unwanted pests to your deck if you leave it. 

Use Outdoor Paint to Repel the Sun

One of the worst damages for wood decks is sun damage. This is because it can be drawn to the deck, and if you do not use the right paint, you can cause more damage to the deck. With outdoor paint meant directly for sun damage, you can prolong the life of the wood and keep it from breaking down over time. This keeps accidents from happening and you from becoming liable in court. 

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