Warehouse and Logistics Insurance: How to Protect Your Business

Warehouse and logistics insurance is a necessary commercial coverage for any storage and transportation industry business and wholesalers. However, many storage and transportation industry businesses and wholesalers in Burlingame, CA lack this insurance because they don’t understand how it protects them. Here is a breakdown of how warehouse and logistics insurance protects your business.

  • Fleet/commercial fleet insurance: This warehouse and logistics insurance policy covers the different types of vehicles you use to transport goods, such as trucks and vans. It also provides coverage to drivers in multiple vehicles. The policy will cover all your vehicles and drivers. 
  • Material damage insurance: This policy will protect the inventory under your care, whether in transit or your warehouse, together with the fixtures and fittings in your warehouse against storm damage, fire, theft,  and burst pipes. 
  • Products liability cover: As a warehousing and logistics enterprise, you are responsible for getting the products from the manufacturer to the retailers or end consumer. The product’s liability coverage protects you if it’s alleged that the product you were involved in supplying caused an accident that resulted in injury to one of your customers or property damage. 
  • Employers liability insurance: The warehouse can be a dangerous workplace for employees. This is why Commercial One Insurance Service views the employer’s liability insurance as a must-have. This warehouse and logistics insurance coverage will protect you as the employer from liability if your staff suffers an accident at the workplace and claims it was because of your negligence. 
  • Equipment breakdown insurance: Equipment breakdown can paralyze operations at the warehouse. This warehouse policy will pay to repair or replace your warehouse equipment to let you resume operations in no time. 

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