Tips for Choosing California Homeowners Insurance

You wouldn’t choose any old home, so why would you choose any old homeowner’s insurance policy? While knowing you need insurance for your home is easy, selecting the right policy can take significant effort. Home insurance policies can vary in total coverage, payouts, policies on pools and visitors, and even have requirements based on your specific home loan. 

Commercial One Insurance Service, serving Burlingame, CA, can guide you with top tips for choosing California home insurance.

California Home Insurance Tips

  1. Understand the Policy Coverage you Need. Explore the amount of liability and property coverage you need to make you whole again in the case of an accident or injury. Learn more about types of policy coverage today before you buy.
  2. Talk to your Experts. Talk to both your realtor and your lender for recommendations. As providers who already know your unique needs, your lender and realtor can steer you in the right direction and help ensure your policy fits your purchase.
  3. Get Native Language Support. Don’t search for support you won’t fully understand. Search California’s database for realtors who provide additional language assistance. 
  4. Get a Second Opinion. It never hurts to get a second opinion on policy rates and coverage. Check with an additional provider before you decide. If you think you have been denied coverage in error, submit a complaint to the California Department of Insurance.
  5. Understand the California FAIR plan as a last resort. The FAIR plan is a California safety net to provide fire insurance to high-risk properties that otherwise may not qualify for traditional homeowners policies. 

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