California Home Insurance: The Coverages You’ll Need If Wildfires Occur

When you live in California, the fear and threat of wildfires will always be on your mind. You can add coverage to your California home insurance policy to help you with a little peace there.

At Commercial One Insurance Service, we want Burlingame, CA residents to have the home insurance coverage they need to be protected financially from wildfire. Here are some coverages you will want if you are concerned about the threat of wildfire.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage will rebuild or replace your home and any attached structures such as a garage or a deck. It’s always a good idea to review your dwelling coverage, in order to keep up with the changing costs of your home. 

With wildfires in your area, you may find that materials shortage and labor demands could lead to cost surges after a wildfire. The cost to rebuild may be higher than your dwelling limits. You can get guaranteed cost coverage to cover the cost of a rebuild, or add extended coverage which could be an amount like 25 percent over your current limit. This gives you a cushion with dwelling coverage if the costs to rebuild are exorbitant in the event of this tragedy.

Update Your Contents Coverage

You could lose everything in a wildfire, and it may have been some time since you updated your property inventory. Check the value of your contents by performing another inventory, and updating your contents coverage. 

Most home insurance policies give you a 50 to 75 percent allowance above your dwelling coverage for contents. If you have added new contents or property that is significant in value, have your coverage updated.

Additional Living Expenses

Adding additional living expenses or loss of use coverage to your policy will cover you in the event that you need to vacate your home. This will cover hotels, restaurants, and even pet boarding if you need to leave the home after a wildfire. Make sure this is added to your policy.

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When you are worried about wildfires in California, update your home insurance policy. This will give you some peace of mind. At Commercial One Insurance Service, we want Burlingame, CA residents to have the home insurance they need to protect them during these tragedies. Call us for a quote today.