Does warehouse and logistics insurance cover your items while in transit?

Does warehouse and logistics insurance cover your items while in transit?

Your warehouse in Burlingame, CA needs appropriate commercial insurance. That means warehouse insurance for the items stored there and logistics insurance, a type of inland marine coverage. Put together, a policy of warehouse and logistics insurance from Commercial One Insurance Service can protect your clients’ items as well as your own.

Becoming a Bailee

Warehouse insurance covers your business as a bailee, an organization entrusted with the belongings of another business or client. This means that if anything happens to damage property during storage, packaging, cross-docking, labeling, or any other service offered, the insurance covers it. It also covers the loss of an item. It differs from cargo insurance, which covers the items while in transit by plane, train, or automobile.

Coverage of Items in Transit

The logistics component covers your transit of goods. This component of the insurance package covers your liability. While you can purchase warehouse and logistics coverage separately, we recommend bundling them to cover your business completely.

The liability coverage provided by the logistics component includes accidents caused by negligence as well as damaged cargo. This provides separate coverage from your commercial auto or trucking insurance.

Contact Commercial One Insurance Service

Yes, warehouse and logistics insurance does cover your items while in transit. Contact Commercial One Insurance Service serving Burlingame, CA, to discuss your warehouse and logistics insurance needs and determine what coverage you should buy. Let this insurance help you keep your warehouse equipment and clients’ warehoused items safer, or at least cover their loss if something happens to their cargo while in your care.